We've been changing the world of advertising and social selling since 2016

With origins in Denmark, the world’s happiest place, we are around 40 heroes at the office exporting smiles and brand-love across the world. It's all done by engaging local influencers—regular people rather than celebrities— as ambassadors for their favourite brands and local stores.

Cause, let’s be honest, who do you trust? Your best friend, colleague and the coolest girl in town who truly believes in a product? Or a celebrity, model or super-blogger, who was paid to endorse a service or label that they’ve never even used before? Research shows that 9 out of 10 people trust influencers more (McKinsey & BoF, 2017).

Well… there’s a reason for us believing in local Brandheroes.

Our secret sauce is High-tech High-touch
We use our proprietary technology to successfully scale our micro influencer marketplace into a global mass media, but it’s our teams who are the foundation of building strong and lasting relationships with both influencers and customers.

Our high-tech platform and app:

  • Use AI to collect first part data across social media, without the risk of relying on any API access
  • Is our infrastructure to secure minimal resources with maximum brand-safety and engagement
  • Increase our product offering with new types of content, impression and engagement channels

Our High Touch:

  • Customer success team speaks fluent emoji and creates high engaging influencer campaigns
  • Always-on team secures brand safety and influencer motivation by approving content 24/7
  • Scouts, sources and on-boards influencers with perfect brand fit and ambassador experiences
  • Logistic team creates unboxing IG-friendly packages that ships cost-effectively across the world
  • In-house development and data team scale our infrastructure to increase both our number of influencers and campaigns as well as retention rates with double digit quarterly growth