INFLUENCER CONSIGNMENT CAMPAIGN is not just another brand breaking deal site, it’s an inspiring social shop for influencers and their followers. 

With an Influencer consignment campaign we’ll invite our tens-of-thousands influencers to create content, social buzz and most importantly sales of your products without any upfront cost for you. 
The 4 biggest reasons why you should consider an consignment campaign:
  1. It’s a new and free sales channel that's purely commission based
  2. Brand safe and build upon people and inspiration (not deal sites kind of discounts)
  3. Full service handling, we’ll take care of everything from influencer on-boarding over customer service to product shipping
  4. Reach new customers through influencers 
  5. We can be up an running generating commission sales tomorrow 
Oh... sorry that was 5 big reasons - always deliver a bit more than you promise, right?

How it works 
  • Together we find your most suitable products for an influencer consignment campaigns 
  • You ship us the products to our warehouse 
  • We onboard influencers to promote your products with a 20% discount to the followers 
  • If the purchase isn’t returned after two weeks we’ll pay the influencer her/his commission 
  • Once every 30 days we’ll send you a statement of all non returned purchase that you can use to send us an invoice 
We’ll pay you a fair percentage of your recommended retail price 

Next step

Now we could continue telling you about how we can help, but we'll probably just be repeating "It's free", "brand safe" and "it will help you sell your stock" so to move things forward, then why not give us a call and let's answer your questions 1:1

From one hero to another 
Thomas Bro 
Direct: +45 2255535