BLIV PARTNERSHOP is bringing brands and local business online, not by creating just another soulless inventory webshop, but with an inspiring social shop, featuring the favorite products of store staff and ambassadors. To help speed up sales, we are activating our tens-of-thousands local influencers to share all new products created in our partner stores 

The 5 biggest reasons why you should consider using for generating sales and social media buzz around your local business:

  1. A new and free sales channel that's purely commission based
  2. Build upon people and inspiration (not deal sites kind of discounts)
  3. No technical skills required, if your store staff can create a Facebook post, they can manage their
  4. It's optimized for minimizing returns and manual handling
  5. Reach new customers through inspiring images and videos 
  6. We can be up an running generating online sales in your stores tomorrow 

Oh... sorry that was 6 big reasons - always deliver a bit more than you promise, right? 

Now we could continue telling you about how we can help, but we'll probably just be repeating "It's free" and "it will help you sell your stock" so to move things forward, then why not give us a call and let's answer your questions 1:1

From one hero to another 
Thomas Bro 
Direct: +45 2255535