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CVR: 37380865 appears in most sales as middle-man and not the seller. In those cases, it is the partner, and not Brandheroes ApS, who delivers the purchase. The partner is responsible for the fulfillment of the Agreement and is the Consumer's actual Contracting Party.

In cases where Brandheroes is responsible for the sale, it will be clearly stated on the product page and in the order confirmation under the name of the product that it will be delivered by Brandheroes Studio. 

Limitation of Liability on product purchase from partners

Brandheroes ApS disclaims as far as possible any liability for the goods that you receive from the partners in connection with purchases on

The product(s) in question are provided by the partner in his name and on his behalf. The partner is responsible for the fulfillment of the Agreement and is the Consumer's actual Contracting Party.

As a result, Brandheroes ApS is not responsible for any errors and / or defects in connection with the partner's supply of goods purchased through, unless otherwise required by mandatory legislation.

As a result of the above, Brandheroes ApS cannot in any way be obliged to pay any compensation or compensation for any losses that may occur in cases where the goods do not meet the customer's expectations

Any claims or claims regarding the goods or the redemption thereof must be addressed to the partner. If you're i doubt on who the Contracting Party of your purchase is, then please reach out to our customer service team at

Extended limitation for purchase of vouchers from partners

Brandheroes can in no way be obliged to pay any compensation or compensation for any losses that may occur in the case of the purchase of a voucher, where: 

  • The voucher is not redeemed by the partner
  • The product or service received in exchange for the voucher are not corresponds to the customer's expectations
  • The partner has gone bankrupt or ceased to exist
  • Or other matters that affect the service / product covered by the voucher.

Payment of purchase

To shop at you must be 18 years of age and have a valid debit card that we accept.

You choose the items you want to buy and put them in the "shopping cart". You can, right up to the time of ordering, correct the contents of the shopping cart, and you can continuously check the contents as well as the price of the goods.

Any extra payments for e.g. Shipping will first be calculated immediately before you are ready to pay.

When you are ready to order, click on "go to checkout" where you enter your name, address, e-mail, telephone number, form of payment and choose the form of delivery.

You can change your shopping cart content right up until you confirm your purchase by accepting and completing the payment.

The money will only be deducted from your debit card when the item is shipped or you pick it up at the selling store

Each time you order a product through, we first send you a temporary order confirmation that we have received your order, then we or our partner will pack your order and either ship it with our shipping company to the delivery address you specified, or inform you that you can pick it up at the store is open 24 hours a day and you can therefore almost always shop. However, it may happen that we close the shop due to maintenance.

Pricing and availability

We do our best to ensure correct information, product descriptions and prices on Please note that we receive most of this information from our partners and there may be situations where errors may occur.

If we detect a price error on a product you have ordered, we will respond to it and notify you as soon as possible on behalf of our partner and allow you to either confirm your order at the correct price or cancel your order. If we are unable to contact you, your order will be canceled. If you decide to cancel your order that you have already paid, we will refund the amount immediately.


Shipping and pickup in store

For all purchases you can choose to pick up the goods free of charge in the store they are purchased in, you’ll find the partner's address and opening hours on their shop page, you can find all our partner shops here

You can also choose to have your purchase delivered to your address

Delivery of goods from is considered to have taken place when the customer has received the goods. The items are usually shipped within 5 days of order received. Delivery at the buyer's address in Denmark will usually take place within 3 days.


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By accepting the terms, you consent to the fact that Brandheroes may send you marketing by e-mail, SMS, desktop notification and snail mail about products that are marketed and sold through including offers, sales, competitions and events from own and partner stores as well as other marketing initiatives.       

You also consent to Brandheroes ApS collecting, processing and registering the personal data that you have provided, and that the information may be disclosed to our partners and third parties who market the said products on behalf of Brandheroes ApS.

You are at all times entitled to receive information about what information Brandheroes ApS processes about you. You can ask for information that Brandheroes ApS has about you, corrected, blocked or deleted.

You may also obtain information about the identity of the recipients of your information and other relevant information about the processing of your information.

You can contact Brandheroes ApS at for more info.

You may withdraw your consent at any time by contacting Brandheroes ApS at or as stated in communication  from Brandheroes ApS.

In addition, as stated above, Brandheroes ApS does not share your information with other companies without your permission, unless required by law or you have requested specific information.


Complaint of goods or vouchers

NOTE: In cases where Brandheroes ApS is not a contracting party, all complaints must go through the partner and seller of the product. You can look at your order confirmation who is the contracting party. Alternatively, you can contact us and we will inform you whom your contracting party is.

Your purchase is covered by the Purchase Act, including the lack of rules. This means that you can either get a defective item repaired, replaced, refunded or discounted, depending on the specific situation. Of course, it is a requirement that the complaint is justified and that the defect did not arise as a result of improper use of the product or other injurious behavior.

A complaint case is a case between you and the dealer. We will communicate the contact but are not responsible for the product's defects. You must contact us and advertise within a "reasonable time" after you have discovered the defect in the product. We recommend advertising as soon as possible

You can advertise by contacting us by email to

Depending on the specific situation, you will receive the further instructions. When returning the item, please at the same time, as detailed as possible, state what the problem is.

In justified complaints, we reimburse reasonable shipping costs. Otherwise, you must bear all transport costs yourself, including our shipping costs for returning the goods after examination, and we can charge you an amount of up to DKK 200 for examination of the goods.

Remember that the item must always be shipped in proper packaging and receive a receipt for shipment. You are responsible for the package / goods until our receipt. Therefore, save mail receipt incl. information on shipping costs and any track and trace number.

14 days cancellation right

When you shop online and at you usually have 14 days right of cancellation, where you can notify us that you regret the purchase and then return the item to us. It is your contracting party that handles cancellation cases.

The right of withdrawal runs from the day you received the item. If the deadline expires on a public holiday, Saturday, Constitutional day, Christmas Eve or New Year's Eve, the deadline is extended to the following working day.

To claim the cancellation right, you must notify us within 14 days of receipt of the item at 

Please note that some products, services and events is not covered by the 14 days cancellation rights e.g. food, tickets and customized products 

If you regret the purchase, the goods must be returned to the store where you picked up the goods or from where it was sent the in the first place.

On return, make sure that the goods are properly wrapped. You are responsible for the package / goods until the store receives it. Therefore, always save receipt for sending as well as track and trace number.

If the goods was sent to you, we'll send you a return label, that will cover the shipping cost for the return of the item if you regret your purchase.

Return and exchange is only free as long as's return label is used.


We expect you to ship the goods as soon as possible after you have given notice of cancellation, and you must return them within 14 days of your departure. 

You must attach a copy of the order confirmation or other documentation for your purchase.

The condition of the item when you return it

You are only liable for any deterioration in the value of the product due to handling other than what is necessary to determine the nature, characteristics and functioning of the product. In other words, you can try the item in the same way as if you tried it in a physical store, but you must not put it into actual use.

If the item is tried in addition to what is described above, we consider it used, which means that upon cancellation of the purchase, you will only receive part or none of the purchase amount, depending on the trade value of the item.


When we receive the item, we will check it and you will be refunded the amount you paid to us upon purchase. If you cancel your purchase, you will be refunded the amount you paid us. In the event of any impairment for which you are liable, this amount will be deducted.

If you exercise your right of cancellation, we will refund all payments received from you, including delivery costs (except for any additional costs arising from your choice of a different form of delivery, other than the cheapest form of standard delivery we offer), without undue delay and at all circumstances within 14 days from the date we received your goods return.

The amount is always transferred to the same payment method with which you paid the purchase. For example, if you paid with a card, the purchase amount is returned to the debit card you used in the purchase. Lack of original packaging may be a loss of value, so in order to be able to receive all the money back, it is recommended that the item be returned in original packaging.

Uncollected packages:

If we receive a return package that has not been delivered or has been denied receipt, we reserve the right to charge you for any costs incurred.

Law and venue

Purchase of goods at is governed by Danish law. Any dispute is settled by the ordinary Danish courts.

If you would like to complain about your purchase, please contact customer service via email If we are unable to find a solution, you can file a complaint with the Board of Trustees, Toldboden 2, 8800 Viborg, Denmark

If you are resident in another EU country than Denmark, you can complain to the European Commission's online complaint portal