With origins in Denmark, the world’s happiest place, we sitting at our office, and spend our days Co-designing and Co-selling jewelleries and lifestyle products with the goal of making you feel good, looking good ✨


Well, there's a couple of ways we do it

Sustainability if you live in the western world you're probably producing more than 10 tons of COeach year! yep that's a lot of pollution and to be honest there's not much you can do to lower that number, if you still want to fly around the world or have a friday steak dinner wearing a designer dress

But what we can do, is to make sure that our amazing nature is in the best possible conditions to absorb the most of it, to impact that we are with our 1 style = 1 tree program planting a tree each time you buy one of our products, absorbing uptill 24 kg COeach year (hey, that's only around 500 products/trees and you'll absorb more COthen you pollute)

After each purchase we'll send you a certificate with location of where we just planted a tree in you name - you can see an example here 

Co-design and Co-selling we work with thousands of like minded creative  people around the world, all dreaming of positive impacting climate changes and making  a living designing and selling jewelry and lifestyle products that they love.

Each time you make a purchase using one of their discount codes in our webshop you are not only supporting their fight for a better climate, but also with 15% of the purchase price, moving them one step closer to fulfilling their dream

Feel free to share the code with your friends and family to ramp up the support and making yourself feel even better 

You can apply to become a XO2 Co-designer or Co-seller through our partner company Brandheroes here

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